False Positives

Security softwares like antivirus and antispywares can sometimes be overzealous when it comes to detecting malware. You may sometimes find that after updating to the latest definitions, Autorun Eater is suddenly flagged as a malware! This is not true and there’s nothing to be worried about. It is what you call a false positive detection. More info about false positives and how to determine if a virus is really a virus can be obtained here and here.

We would like to assure all our users that Autorun Eater does NOT contain any malware nor is it a malware itself. If you come across any other false positive problems, please feel free to report it to us or you can help us by reporting the problem to your vendor.

False positive examples provided by António, an Autorun Eater user:

avira false positive

ad-aware false positive

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22 Responses to “False Positives”

  1. Yohans Bastian Says:

    Has anyone else had false positive infection alerts from Symantec antivirus / Symantec Endpoint Protection for “Trojan.Komodola”
    in “billy.exe” or “oldmcdonald.exe”? This was with v2.6 of AutoRun Eater. We had an incident, but we think it is just a mistake in the antivirus software..

    Old McDonald: Sorry for the late reply. It is a case of false positive. We assure you that Autorun Eater is safe to use. You can help us by reporting this to your antivirus vendor. Thank you! 🙂

  2. goty@hush.com Says:

    gridinsoft trojan kill also deletes it from memory and registry

    Old McDonald: Thank you for the info! I’ll inform the antivirus company about the false positive problem. 🙂

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