Autorun Eater v2.5

The cargo has arrived!

Added: ‘Remove Ignore For All’ option to stop ignoring all previously ignored suspicious ‘autorun.inf’ files.

Added: ‘Undo Ignored Drive’ option to stop ignoring a previously ignored drive.

Added: Option to enable or disable the splash image.

Added: ‘Ignore Drive’ option in the detection window.

Added: Drive letter for ‘Suspicious File 1/2′ in the detection window.

Added: Name of Autorun Backup file in the results log.

Removed: ‘(Pause)’ word in the tray menu to avoid confusion that Autorun Eater is paused when it is not.

Changed: New Autorun Eater icon.

Changed: The startup/exit sound is now turned off by-default.

Changed: Minor tweaks and improvements to the detection window.

Changed: Minor tweaks to tray tips.

Changed: Improvements to monitoring engine.

Changed: Minor tweaks to program behaviour.

[Fixed]: Problem moving on to the next drive when there are problems removing suspicious ‘autorun.inf’ file in the current drive.

[Fixed]: Pause notification not appearing in the Windows XP Classic theme.

If you’re a new user we would like to encourage you to visit our FAQ page. Please feel free to submit any suggestions, report any bugs or anything you’d like to tell us.

You can install the new version over the old version(exit v2.4 first).

If you enjoy using Autorun Eater, please feel free to donate.

To all our faithful users, thank you very much for your continual support!

MD5 Checksum: b4c31133777bebda1e910e0d4a48b739


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148 Responses to “Autorun Eater v2.5”

  1. Autorun Eater Alerts you of Autorun Files in USB Drives – GizGat Says:

    […] and most of the times they run automatically when you insert the USB and thus infecting the PC. Autorun Eater is a freeware application for Windows which lets you alert on autorun files detected in USB drives. […]

  2. susheel Says: having a problem..i have a windows 8 lap and hv installed autorun eater v2.5..when I insert internet dongle there is an error tat keeps showing up…a bill.exe dialog box saying”no disk in removable disk f’..wat to do

    Old McDonald: I’ve not tested it on Windows 8 so I am not too sure if it is compatible with the OS. 😦

  3. ravi Says:


    Old McDonald: Thank you! You should try version 2.6. 🙂

  4. Mohamed Says:


    Old McDonald: Thank you for the compliment! 🙂

  5. 3iology » Blog Archive » FINALLY ALL PENDRIVE PROBLEMS FIXED Says:

    […] Autorun.inf eater to remove autorun.inf related virus       (Download Autorun Eater) […]

  6. alvin Says:

    i cant download pllzz help…my computer is crushin…

    Old McDonald: Sorry for the really late reply. Did you manage to download it again?

  7. Neil Mammen Says:

    Hi I’m having trouble installing this onto Win 7.
    I get an error that says that it can’t rename a folder or similar (I don’t have the exact message as I have to reboot to see it again, because when I rerun it, it says that the previous installation did not complete). I can uninstall etc and try again.


    Hi, I rebooted and here’s the error. I also ran as Administrator. It’s Win7

    An error occurred while trying to rename a file in the destination directory:
    MoveFile failed; code 2.
    The system cannot find the file specified.


    Old McDonald: Sorry for the really late reply. Have you tried again? Did you manage to install it? So far I’ve not come across such a problem.

  8. Descargar Autorun Eater | Descargar software Says:

    […] Descargar AKPC_IDS += "8332,"; Tweetear […]

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