Autorun Eater v2.5

The cargo has arrived!

Added: ‘Remove Ignore For All’ option to stop ignoring all previously ignored suspicious ‘autorun.inf’ files.

Added: ‘Undo Ignored Drive’ option to stop ignoring a previously ignored drive.

Added: Option to enable or disable the splash image.

Added: ‘Ignore Drive’ option in the detection window.

Added: Drive letter for ‘Suspicious File 1/2′ in the detection window.

Added: Name of Autorun Backup file in the results log.

Removed: ‘(Pause)’ word in the tray menu to avoid confusion that Autorun Eater is paused when it is not.

Changed: New Autorun Eater icon.

Changed: The startup/exit sound is now turned off by-default.

Changed: Minor tweaks and improvements to the detection window.

Changed: Minor tweaks to tray tips.

Changed: Improvements to monitoring engine.

Changed: Minor tweaks to program behaviour.

[Fixed]: Problem moving on to the next drive when there are problems removing suspicious ‘autorun.inf’ file in the current drive.

[Fixed]: Pause notification not appearing in the Windows XP Classic theme.

If you’re a new user we would like to encourage you to visit our FAQ page. Please feel free to submit any suggestions, report any bugs or anything you’d like to tell us.

You can install the new version over the old version(exit v2.4 first).

If you enjoy using Autorun Eater, please feel free to donate.

To all our faithful users, thank you very much for your continual support!

MD5 Checksum: b4c31133777bebda1e910e0d4a48b739



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148 Responses to “Autorun Eater v2.5”

  1. mobilesnext Says:

    Thanks mate.
    Its working perfectly .

    Old McDonald: You’re welcome! 🙂

  2. doxz Says:

    the link is broken… do u have an alternative link? tnx in advance

    Old McDonald: Which link is broken? There are more links in the sidebar.

  3. NUSRAT Says:


    Old McDonald: Thank you for the compliment! 🙂

  4. Toto Torotoro Says:

    And is ti possible to download it? The link leads to “gaming news” and a big pile of crap, no software to download.

    Old McDonald: The download button is quite prominent. Managed to download?

  5. gurmeet Says:

    really u r great it help me lot

    Old McDonald: Thank you for the compliment and have a great day! 🙂

  6. Curryking9 Says:

    I had tried to install autorun eater V2.5 in Windows 7 64Bit but windows told me that the AE is “Unsupported 16 bit program”. Is it due to 64 bit issue?

    Old McDonald: Autorun Eater is currently incompatible with 64-bit versions of Windows. You may want to try out Windows 7’s XP compatibility mode. I may come out with a 64-bit compatible version in the near future. My apologies for the inconvenience.

  7. seen Says:

    very good

    Old McDonald: Thank you for the compliment! 🙂

  8. » Warning of Autorun Files in USB Drives with Autorun Eater Says:

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    Thanks for your Auto Run Eater software.

    Old McDonald: You’re welcome! 🙂

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  12. Remove autorun.inf | Autorun Eater [ virus removal tools ] Says:

    […] Download Autorun Eater […]

  13. Satheesh Reddy Bejjanki Says:

    i am unable to install this auto run in windows 7 64bit.
    i have installed anti virus software mcAfee .plz help me

    Old McDonald: Hi, is your antivirus detecting the file as a virus?

  14. sanction Says:

    Is there a portable version of autorun eater?

    Old McDonald: No, unfortunately there is no portable version of Autorun Eater yet.

  15. Qazi Says:

    After have an experience, I say,,,,,thanks for preparing this Software

    Old McDonald: You’re welcome! 🙂

  16. Didierr Says:

    Very useful, thanks from Colombia

    Old McDonald: You’re welcome! 🙂

  17. mohamed aly fahmy Says:

    أرجو الحصول على البرنامج مجانا

    Old McDonald: Yes the software is free and will forever be free 🙂

  18. Lucas Demonio Says:

    If I have antivirus like Avira Antivirus, can I install this without problems?

    Old McDonald: You can try but sometimes false positive problems do occur with Avira.

  19. bill bane Says:

    This sounded great until I read that you had not tested it with Windows 7×64. Have you tested it yet or do you know of someone it worked for?

    Old McDonald: I don’t have a computer with Windows 7 x64 installed so I can’t be sure. You can try and see if it works for you. 🙂

  20. saleem Says:

    this is very good software for autorun.

    Old McDonald: Thank you for the compliment! 🙂

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