Autorun Eater v2.6

Autorun Eater v2.6 is here!

Added: ‘Malware Scan’ option to scan the infected storage device using Microsoft Security Essentials’ command line scanner (only works with version 2.1.1116.0 and above) after removing the suspicious ‘autorun.inf’ file.

Added: ‘MSE Scan Log’ option to view the Microsoft Security Essentials scan log.

Removed: ‘Priority’ option in the tray menu.

Removed: Removed some redundant code to improve startup time and performance.

Changed: Tweaks to program behaviour.

If you’re a new user we would like to encourage you to visit our FAQ page. Please feel free to submit any suggestions, report any bugs or anything you’d like to tell us.

You can install the new version over the old version(exit v2.5 first).

If you enjoy using Autorun Eater, please feel free to donate.

To all our faithful users, thank you very much for your continual support!

MD5 Checksum: 2ec2b86df38cdca49ce6071fcd64c70c


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40 Responses to “Autorun Eater v2.6”

  1. rea Says:

    hi – i can’t seem to get it to run – it is in system tray – but i can’t see that it has done the first scan – where wouldi find a report on this – results log etc are still greyed out -if i double click the shortcut desktop icon nothing happens (no goat sound either LOL) – trying to run on windows 7 professional – laptop

    Old McDonald: Hi Rea, the monitoring (or scanning) happens in the background, there is no progress bar. A warning window only appears when a suspicious autorun.inf file is detected. The results log option will be greyed out until something is detected. It seems everything is working as it should. No worries. If you have anymore questions, please feel free to reply. Thank you and have a great day! :)

  2. bantu Says:

    i did instal the app but it did not remove auto run file,what can i do i need help?

    Old McDonald: Autorun Eater monitors all drives automatically. If there is no warning, it should be good news. Are you sure there is an autorun.inf file that AE is not detecting?

  3. Kareem Mamdouh Says:

    Thanks a lot

    Old McDonald: You’re welcome and have a nice day! :)

  4. Michael Says:

    First, thank you for writing a program and allowing all of us to use it free of charge.
    I hope you can help? I upgraded to IE10. It did not transfer your program over but did move the sound “billy” over. How can I delete the billy sound at startup?
    Window7 Pro. SP1, IE10
    Thank you,

    Old McDonald: Hi Michael, you’re welcome. I am a little confused with your question because upgrading to IE10 should make no difference to Autorun Eater. In any case, to disable the startup sound, just right click the AE tray icon and choose ‘Off’ under the ‘Startup/Exit Sound’ option. I hope this helps, if not, please feel free to let me know. Have a great day! :)

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  6. Dorin Says:

    Does Autorun Eater intercept a hidden autorun.inf file ?

    Old McDonald: Yes, Autorun Eater intercepts suspicious autorun.inf files no matter what attributes it has, including hidden.

  7. Defend against USB infection – Autorun Eater | Database Hack And Security Says:

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  8. Marc Sam Says:

    i’m very interested in this software. Can I run ths
    in Windows 8?

    Old McDonald: I’ve not tested it on Windows 8 but you can try and install it to see if it works for you.

  9. Dexortis Says:

    Also, I can’t select “Show hidden folders and files” even if I fixed (and also restarted my computer) the Folder Options.

    Old McDonald: The malware could still be running in your system. Please perform a complete system scan using your antimalware software.

  10. Dexortis Says:

    I don’t know if it’s a bug or not. I’ve activated my removeable hard-drive (Disk I:) and Comodo said that it found an infected autorun.inf. But strangely, Autorun Eater didn’t displayed a warning.

    Old McDonald: I don’t think it’s a bug. Comodo probably locked the file, preventing Autorun Eater from reading the file.

  11. Jamie Says:

    Your program found bad stuff on my machine a couple of years ago, which made me and my computer very happy. However, all of a sudden, MalwareBytes thinks oldmacdonald.exe is a trojan injector and keeps quarantining it. Is there a problem now? I even tried to redownload it off the cnet secure download website and MalwareBytes blocked it…

    Old McDonald: Do not worry, it’s a false positive, has been a longstanding issue. It has been highlighted by me a while ago in this post: . I think there’s an option in Malwarebytes to ignore the file. Hope this helps :)

  12. Thomas Says:

    I found it! Thank you! :)

    Old McDonald: You’re welcome! :)

  13. Thomas Says:

    Can’t download from GameFront. But also can’t find an alternative link! Where is it?

    Old McDonald: Hi the alternative links can be seen on the sidebar of this website. :)

  14. Anil Says:

    I am not able to download from the game front ….where are the alternative links?

    Old McDonald: Hi the alternative links can be seen on the sidebar of this website. :)

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  16. kenny Says:

    i have never used an anti virus which is more powerful than autorun eater

    Old McDonald: Thank you for the compliment!

  17. mostafa Says:

    very nice softwear i really like ))

    Old McDonald: Thank you for the compliment!

  18. saggy Says:

    the download link downloads a .htm file only and on double clicking it it gives a 403 Forbidden error. Please, help me to download this file…

    Old McDonald: Your country could be blocked by GameFront. Please try the alternative links on the sidebar.

  19. Ashok Says:

    unable to download

    error displayed

    File not found

    Firefox can’t find the file at

    Check the file name for capitalization or other typing errors.
    Check to see if the file was moved, renamed or deleted.

    Old McDonald: Your country could be blocked by GameFront. Please try the alternative links on the sidebar.

  20. sain Says:

    what motivated you into making of autorun?

    Old McDonald: The increase of autorun based malwares :)

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